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Home destroyed by smoke and fire

How Smoke Damage Affects Items in Your Home

You might think that you are done dealing with the fire in your home once flames have been extinguished and damages have been repaired. There is a silent and harmful element, however, that is still affecting you, your home, and members of your family.

Smoke damage may not seem as destructive as fire itself, but that is what makes it even more potentially dangerous. Even the smallest fire can produce enough smoke to fill your entire home and damage many of your belongings, making it unsafe to live there without an extensive fire restoration process.

What is Smoke?

Smoke is a collection of minuscule particles that are small enough to float through the air undetected. These particles are the byproduct of materials burning in your home. In the case of a house fire, for example, fire may be destroying materials such as drywall, hardwood floors, clothing, and furniture. As it burns, there are specific materials that the fire cannot consume. These tiny particles are then released into the air in the form of acrid, toxic smoke. Making a smoke damage insurance claim in New Jersey is every bit as important as a fire claim, as it will allow you to procure enough insurance money to completely restore your home.

Smoke Damaged Items in Your Home

Smoke doesn’t cause predictable damage to your items. Quite often, you won’t see the effect of smoke damage until it’s too late to salvage. A smoke-damaged chair is still usable to an extent, but the act of sitting on that chair releases tiny toxins and chemicals that can interfere with indoor air quality and even your health. Smoke clean-up is every bit as essential as fire cleanup and restoration. let’s take a look at how smoke does its dirty work during and after a fire.

Curtains and Upholstery

Cloth and fabrics provide wonderful hiding places for smoke to linger. An abundance of small holes and crevices are perfect for trapping and holding these toxic particles. This makes curtains, fabrics, and furniture upholstery ideal targets for smoke damage.

These items are typically always out in the open. Smoke is able to essentially saturate fabric from all sides, making it very difficult to remove smoke damage and odors from fabrics yourself. A professional fire and smoke restoration service is needed to restore these items to their former glory.


Carpets are most susceptible to smoke damage. The materials that they are comprised of are very efficient at trapping smoke particles. As carpet can cover large areas of your home, it is one of the primary culprits of that consistent smoky smell that you may notice after a fire.

Hardwood floors are also impacted by smoke damage, though they may not be as significantly impacted as carpet surfaces. Porous surfaces in wood trap toxic chemicals emitted by smoke, and as you walk over them they are released into the air you breathe. Both scenarios are potentially harmful situations as you enter your home and begin the process of reclaiming that space and your belongings.


Much as you might not want to consider having to completely replace your food stores after a fire, the reality is that even the most seemingly impenetrable can or glass jar has been affected by smoke damage. Similar to items such as medication and cosmetics, food is also able to absorb harmful chemicals emitted by smoke. All non-perishable foods in your pantry could be contaminated after a fire.

Smoke and other toxic chemicals can make their way through sealed glass jars and aluminum cans, so even those unopened foods in your pantry could have smoke damage. If you notice signs that fire or smoke have made their way inside your food pantry or kitchen cupboards, it’s best to replace everything inside. Smoke damage claims in New Jersey professionals can give you tips and valuable advice on cleanup after a devastating fire.

New Jersey Fire Claims: Providing Valuable Advice For Smoke Damage Claims in NJ

Making a smoke damage insurance claim in New Jersey just got easier with the professionals at New Jersey Fire Claims. Dealing with the aftermath of cleanup and restoration can be quite stressful. Our team of experienced claims adjusters work to make sure your claim is settled quickly. You’ll be able to rebuild with minimal hassle, knowing that we’ve got you covered. For excellent smoke damage claims in New Jersey advice, contact us today. We’ll help you put the pieces back together.